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How Do You Size Your Windows for Shutters?
What Fasteners Come with Shutters?
Can Shutters be Painted?
Are Custom Shutters Returnable?
Are Standard Shutters Returnable?

How Do You Size Your Windows for Vinyl Shutters?
It's important to have your vinyl shutters fit the windows properly.
Use the suggestions below to give your windows the right look.


Window Width Shutter Width
18" & smaller 5 3/8", 8 1/2"
18" - 24" 9 1/4", 11"
24" - 36" 12"
28" - 43" 14 1/2"
40" - 50" 16 1/2"
48" + 18"

Too Wide vs. Correct Shutter Size Too Narrow vs. Correct Shutter Size
Too Tall vs. Correct Shutter Size Too Short vs. Correct Shutter Size

What Fasteners Come with Vinyl Shutters?

Mid America Standard vinyl shutters come with shutter loks (8 per pack for 55" height shutters and lower, and 12 per pack for heights over 55").

  • Painted Shutter Screws (12 / pack) are not included with shutters but are available for purchase on our accessories list.
  • Decorative S-Hooks (4 hinges / 2 hooks / bag) are not included with shutters but are available for purchase on our accessories list.

Mastic Standard size and Custom Raised Panel, Louvered and cottage style shutters are packaged with both: shutter loks (12/pack) and shutter painted screws (12/pack).

Can Mid America Shutters be Painted?
It is not recommended to paint the colored vinyl shutters.  The paint will eventually blister and flake.  If you desire to paint the shutters, then you should purchase the paintable grade of shutters.  These must be painted as soon as possible to protect the shutters from UV rays.

Can Mastic Shutters be Painted?
Yes! In a few years if your tastes change, you can paint your Mastic shutters with a high-quality latex paint rather than purchasing new shutters all over again. Go ahead and paint these shutters!

Are Custom Vinyl Shutters Returnable?
Sorry, custom vinyl shutters are non-returnable, non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Since these are custom made, no returns are possible. Customers are responsible for correct measurements and ordering. Confirmations are sent within 2 business days of the order.  

Robosson’s will not be liable for shipping damages. Any damage in shipping must be addressed with the freight company.

Since colors can differ
greatly from computer monitor to computer monitor, it is strongly suggested that you purchase Color Samples to verify your color choice. CLICK HERE to purchase Color Samples from our accessories list.

Are Standard Vinyl Shutters Returnable?
Our Standard Size Vinyl Shutter Return / Exchange Policy:

Returns or exchanges must be accompanied by and will only be accepted with a Return Authorization number which can be obtained by e-mailing us at:

A return authorization number will be issued if the following conditions exist:

  • Returns must be made within 30 days of the original order ship date.
  • Customer is responsible for the shipping cost.
  • Shutters must be in original packaging for a refund or exchange.
  • Please Note: A 25% restocking fee will be applied to the return of Standard Stock Size vinyl shutters.



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